Training documents

Useful Documents for unfranchise owners

"Start Up Packet" for a new distributor

Print the following documents and assemble them in order and place in a folder #131, pictured below. Review the documents, one by one, with the prospect on the follow-up appointment.

     00 Cover Sheet (For You Only!)
     01 Compensation Worksheet - Single Entry
     02 Compensation Worksheet - Master Entry
     03 24 Differences
     04 Fast Start Program
     05 Costs to Sign Up
     06 Your New Websites
     07 Info Needed to be a UFO
     08 To Get You Making $2100 a week
     09 Goals
     10 Prospect Bio Sheet (2 per page)
     11 What Not To Say
     12 Make Sure To...



Other documents

What is it? and 2 Minute Commercial

3 Part Why

3 Way Calling Script

Andy Docos' 3 Way Calling Script

Horizontal Vs. Veritcal (Big Al)

Weekly Planner (Cannata)

Positive Affirmations

Elizabeth Weber Affirmations

Marty Weissman

Marty, hard at work at Market America.


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